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Remember Mystery Art Tubes from earlier this year? Well they're back!

The Vibrant Art Box is the next level iteration of the Mystery Art Tubes. I was completely blown away by how many people flipped out over the art tubes and with overwhelming enthusiasm demanded I bring them back!

I LOVE curating these art packages for people! Sending out love and joy into the world - as art - is a really beautiful experience, and creating a subscription for it allows me to do that all year long. The Vibrant Art Box is a perfect gift to yourself, or to a loved one, whether it's for a year long, or one time purchase, the energy it will bring to your home is the same.

I've included several different pricing models to be as inclusive as possible. I always want to make art as accessible as possible and, while I won't give away work for free, I can make a low-cost model where anyone can get the chance to own original art.

This is the Founding Member launch of this subscription, meaning, this price is exclusive to this week only. From here on out, it'll go up a little each time, as the value of my work increases over time.


Curious what art theme I would pick for you?


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You're more than welcome to do that! I'll pick some wonderful art pieces to send you, be sure to email me, Carly, if you have any requests as I curate everything myself. The quiz just helps me see what you like, so I can send you the best match for you!

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