1. FAQ

    28 Nov 2019
    FAQ FAQ: A FEW OF THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS I GET ASKED.   If you have additional questions feel free to email me! 1. HOW DO I BUY AN ORIGINAL?  I am currently painting my work in collections and releasing them on a monthly schedule. You can shop available originals…

  2. Copyright Disclaimer

    22 Aug 2019
    Copyright Disclaimer WHO OWNS THE ORIGINAL PAINTING/S YOU PURCHASED? I retain all rights to all artwork I create - this includes the rights to the image of sold & commissioned paintings. I retain the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork I create unless the collector has bought…

  3. Framing Guide

    16 Aug 2019
    Framing Guide I am by no means a framing expert, but I have been framing my own work in original and print format for years. This guide is intended to be just that, a GUIDE to what has worked well for me. I frame my work in a clean, affordable,…

  4. Abstract on Paper

    28 Jul 2019
    For a while now, I have felt out of alignment with my artwork. I love landscapes, always have, and always will. But abstracts have been calling back to me - the colour, the exploration, and the experimentation. I use it to express my personal feelings, emotions, and memories and it…

  5. Incredible Cloud Collection

    08 Jul 2019
    Incredible Cloud Collection Floating Memories (Quebec Barn) Oil on canvas 9” x 12” 2019 I took this photo through the windshield of my Grand Am while driving to the east coast with Steve in 2015. I’ve painted the photo once before, but this time was different because I’m not with…

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