Palms in Pink Clouds
Oil on canvas board
5" x 7"

Palm Trees at 
City of Refuge I
Oil on canvas board
5" x 7"

Palm Trees at City of Refuge II
Oil on canvas
10.5" x 14"

Pololu Valley View
Oil on wood panel
6" x 8"

Hawaii Card Packs

Every pack comes with 5 cards, each featuring its own Hawaii painting, white envelopes, and stickers to seal the envelopes with. Stickers are circular details of the paintings.

The Greeting Cards have a soft touch finish on the image, blank inside, and my logo & contact info on the back. You can use them as cards to match your wonderful words with a beautiful image, or frame them as prints for a small series!

$25 per pack

Hawaii Skies

I’ve always been inspired by big skies, and in Hawaii, they seem like the biggest. They remind me of the infinite possibilities in this life, and that I can achieve anything.

While driving on the tops of mountains, I dreamed the biggest dreams. Looking out over the ocean, and seeing the endless skies I was reminded of expansion and growth, and that anything is possible.

In these paintings, I used outrageous colours to share my outrageous dreams. 

This collection has come together as 11 oil paintings.

It’s got dozens of palm trees.
Wide open, teal blue ocean.

It’s got skies full of pink and orange and the fluffiest, thickest oil paint clouds.

Some pieces are created entirely with a palette knife.

Others share the same photo reference, as I work through the ideas over and over again.

Through all the pieces, one thing remains the same: My dreams are big, and I’m creating them into my reality day by day.

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