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Not Abandoned, Just Forgotten

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Not Abandoned, Just Forgotten (Saskatchewan Barns)

Oil on canvas

30” x 40”

This painting is a large scale beauty of the small wintery gem of these Saskatchewan barns. With this painting, I wanted to include green and blues, pinks and oranges, golden yellows and sparkly gold to depict the different seasons we go through. I took the photo this was painted from while living in Saskatchewan a couple winters ago. It was freezing cold and very dry, but I saw many afternoons filled with beautiful skies and hopeful clouds.

The title comes from my own self neglect at that time. I was working hard at several jobs, and painting with every extra minute I had. I had forgotten about myself and what I truly wanted and needed.

"Not Abandoned, Just Forgotten" is oil paint on 1" depth canvas. It is a beautiful item that sits well on its own, or can be framed for a beautifully formal look. If you'd like to see more detail pictures or discuss your purchase, message Carly here.

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