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Pololu Valley View

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Pololu Valley View

Oil on wood panel

6” x 8”

Pololu Valley is this gorgeous view and hike and PICNIC SPOT on the north east end of the Big Island of Hawaii. When Grace and I travel, we often pack a picnic, and when it includes a bit of a hike then sandwiches and beers it is. 

One afternoon we "hiked" (it was a pretty easy walk, just steep), down to the beach at Pololu Valley and the views were stunning. I mean painting it really doesn't do it justice! All I can really do is paint it for myself, to remember the quiet hike down, the waves rolling in on the rocky beach, the huge log we sat on for our picnic and subsequent game of cribbage - lunch time never felt so chill.

This painting is from my first Hawaii Collection, my first painting collection of the year, and my first of the decade! It feels really magical to share this work, for me it represents the infinite possibilities we have in this life, and the outrageous colours match my outrageous goals and dreams.

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