It is written in the stars, how unique you are!

This mural of the universe comes custom to you, not just that it is hand painted and coloured different every time, but that your star birth chart is the final layer - a reminder every day of how unique you are.

The most personal custom art in the universe

These murals can be painted to include you and your partner's star charts, each of your children, or another person you wish to be reminded of daily.


Custom Mural Options


Less than 100 sq. ft.

Purchase in full

4 payments of $300

Regular Wall

250 sq. ft.

Purchase in full

4 payments of $625

Large Wall

500 sq. ft.

Purchase in full

4 payments of $1250


Larger than 600 sq. ft.
Custom Quote

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Cosmic Details

Each mural is different from the rest, with cosmically inspired colours, star dust, and your chosen star birth chart.

Mural area will be primed and adjacent areas taped or blocked off.
Appropriate paint for the surface will be used (ie interior wall paint for a bedroom, concrete paint for a basement floor, etc).
A low gloss top coat will also be added to protect the finish of the paint and bring the mural into a new dimension.

All I need from you is the date, place, and time of the star birth chart you would like.

Using Format