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The Barn That Raised Me

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The Barn That Raised Me

Oil on canvas

24” x 30”

If walls could speak, this barn would tell of the ridiculous trials and tribulations of my pre-teen hood, the adventures of three sisters and their many pets, and the loftiest things I’ve ever dreamed.

But they cannot. So I tell them through paint, and this reminds me I need to write it down too.

There’s the night/day one of our cats gave birth in that very milk house and my sisters video taped and documented everything (why?).

We had a dog wedding.

We built countless hay bale forts in the loft of the barn and at one point even had a rope swing (it broke, safety first).

The prettiest songs were sung in the acoustically rich rafters of the barn.

We probably had a dozen cats.

The gentlest, (dumbest) giant dog Tia. I’d give anything for another day on the farm with her and Suzie. Suzie is the last remnants of animal from the farm, and I just want to remember her for how she was there.

"The Barn That Raised Me" is oil paint on gallery depth canvas. It is a beautiful item that sits well on it's own, or can be framed for a beautifully formal look. If you'd like to see more detail pictures or discuss your purchase, message Carly here.

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