Email Marketing Coach

I work with artists and other creators to help you start your email marketing campaigns!

I help you...

• Set up an account with Mailchimp
• Import and expand your audience
• Create landing pages and pop ups
• Design email templates
• Link all social media and websites to your email marketing account
• Craft compelling campaigns that will not only grow your audience, but help them get to know you better!

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Commission Paintings

Each quarter I take on a select number of commission paintings. These are typically beautiful Canadian landscapes, childhood homes, horses, and adorable dog portraits.

I’ve got 10 spots available for commission paintings from now until the end of March. If you’ve been waiting for me to paint the perfect piece for a place in your home, don’t wait any longer! Let’s collaborate and bring your idea to life!

If you’ve got an idea, whether it is fully formed or not, let’s discuss! I help to tease out exactly what you want, and advise the best size, medium, and style for making the piece happen. Before brush even hits the canvas, you’ll know what you’re getting.

On the other hand, if you have no idea what kind of painting you want, but you’ve got a space in need of some colourful energy, let’s chat about how we can find the best solution for that space! This could involve research on your own part, or taking a test run with some paintings I’ve already got on hand that might inspire you with the perfect scene and vibes for that spot on your wall.

Hanging art doesn’t have to be hard, and waiting for the perfect painting doesn’t need to take years. If you’re ready to bring your ideas to life, then it’s time to work with me to make that happen.

You have an inquiry, let’s chat!

First we discuss all the ins and outs of the subject matter of your piece, then the medium it will be created in, and last, we work to find the best size for your wall space.

Pricing is based on a per square inch model, and I do offer payment plans on larger works.

A 25% downpayment is required for your piece, this covers the cost of material and time put in prior to painting (ie consulting, sourcing materials, admin, sketches and planning etc).

Your final painting will come with only 2 rounds of corrections. You can have several corrections for each round, for example: add more trees on the horizon, make the clouds a bit warmer, and add a small shed - as one round.

Once completed, I will ship the painting to you (ready to hang), or we can arrange for a local pick up if you are in the Edmonton area.

Not sure if a commission piece is right for you?

Message me to set up a time to call, and let's chat!

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